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This is a free service provided by the Gooding Dogs Group to help match up lost and found animals that have NOT been picked up and impounded by the city or county. Click on Save a Dog Today tab (left) for dogs impounded by city or county. To post a dog see instructions at bottom of page. Closed cases (sometimes they've merely given up the search) are below the open and closed cases.  SCROLL DOWN

7/11/2015 - Found Dog east of Shoshone. Red heeler female, no tags, contact Gooding Dogs Group to claim her.  F-32-15

CLOSED: FOUND PUPPY black with white on the chest, shepherd mix found near Hagerman.  Call Judy at 539-9926   F-29-15  This puppy was taken to the Gooding pound where it was quickly adopted locally.

FOUND DOG 7/5/2015  near Gooding, a German shepherd male. Contact Gooding Dogs Group to claim 831-869-9742  F-28-15

FOUND DOG  - 7/5/2015  found 2 miles north of Gooding this male chocolate lab wearing a dark collar,. Call Sonia at 208-308-4736  F-26-15

CLOSED Found 7/4/2015 near Steve's Quick Stop in Gooding Idaho, a small white male Chihuahua. This little guy is very hungry, thirsty and dirty. Contact Gooding Dogs Group at 831-869-9742 .   F-27-15  Owner claimed 7/5/2015

Lost near Jerome Idaho  white with big brown spots. L-35-15 Call Gabby at 208-329-1757 

Lost on June 27, 2015 a newly shaved black speckled Aussie shepherd heeler cross. Lost near Jerome Idaho no collar no other id on him. No photo available. L-34-15  Call 208-539-1340.

Lost in Lincoln county 6/30/2015  a white Chihuahua, call Veronica 406-702-4090  L-33-15

CLOSED   LOST yellow lab 6/29/2015   Lost in Gooding.  Dog was picked up by police but the dog and owner were known at the pound so the dog was not advertised as being in the pound. The dog and owners are reunited now.   6/30/2015   L-33-15

CLOSED: LOST DOG 6/29/15  Benson the boston terrier, lost on River Road.  FOUND 6/30  L-31-15

CLOSED 6/18/15 Found dog. June 18,Rocio has had another dog dumped at her place. This a sweet natured female toddler-aged pup, good with kids and cats who likes belly rubs and playing. If you can love a young pup like this post here and Rocio will get back to you. (F-24-15)  Adopted locally 7/4/2015

CLOSED 6/17/15 Anyone missing this dog? It is a boy and wearing a blue collar with no tags. He has doesn't seem to want to leave but I'm sure his owner is missing him. I have him in my fence because he had been here when I left this morning and still here when I returned this evening and he needed water and shade. Please let me know if he is yours. Located on Wyoming Street. Eizabeth Hendley. (F-23-15) Owner claimed

6/10/15 LOST DOG 6/10 Tiffany posted this on our timeline:
If anyone has seen this dog please let us know. He left Sunday night and hasn't returned. His name is Ike. Thank you!" (L-30-15)

6/8/15 Elizabeth posted this today on our Timeline:
"Please help find my dog Rico, he is a white chihuahua with a black spot on half his face. Last seen today at 6:00pm at Bliss Dam." (L-29-15)

CLOSED 6/3/15 FOUND DOG - "This dog showed up at our house this morning. Very well mannered and seems like he could possibly be a house dog. We live west of gooding so if you know anyone in the area that might be missing him please spread the word. Thanks! BreAnn Patton" (F-21-15) UPDATE:  6/4/15 Home safe.

6/4/15 Kallie Shadwick reported this today: Earlier today my two black lab mixes got out from our backyard. We have been searching all day for our dogs! We've checked in at the police station and the vet. We are really concerned. If you have seen them let me or my mom Annie know. One is 3 years old, really skinny, a really fast runner and wearing a lime green collar. The other one is 8 years old, chubby but still fast, and wearing a sky blue collar! We would really love to have our dogs home again smile emoticon Thank you!" (No phone number or photos included)( L-27-28)

CLOSED 6/4/15 FOUND DOG 6/4/ Brooke posted this today, "female border collie with a red collar, very friendly, chases cars." Brook did not say what town or give a contact number, if you have info regarding this found dog, please post it here. (F-22-15) UPDATE: 6/5/15 Owner claimed.

CLOSED 6/2/15 FOUND DOG: Jana posted this today on our timeline "This dog showed up at my house off of 1500 east in Gooding. I can't keep it and it seems to be well taken care of. If this is your dog or someone you know please message me on Jana Martin on FB" (F-20-15). UPDATE: 6/2/15 Owner found.

CLOSED 5/30/15 FOUND dogs : "These two sweethearts showed up at our house south of Wendell saturday evening. The larger one has a purple harness on and the smaller terrier mix has a maroon harness with matching leash on. They are both sweet and just want to find their homes. We are keeping them in our kennel since we live close to both the bob barton highway and the leland highway. If you or anyone you know have lost their dogs please call us at 539-9681 or 539-9541." (F-18-19-15)UPDATE: 6/1/15 Owners located.

6/1/15 Daisy is lost - a Chihuahua Blue Heeler cross, she only weighs about ten pounds. Call 208-539-9681 if you've spotted her.(L-26-15)

CLOSED 5/29/15 Emalie Bicouvaris Youngblood wrote: "This is "Rango" my Grandson's puppy he has been missing for a few hrs now and my Daughter is tore up because it's her baby boys puppy...He is Cocker Spaniel and blood hound mix with floppy ears and a docked tail..But the collar he is wearing now is blue with little decorative doggie bones on it... If anyone has seen him please contact me here on Facebook and PM me and I'll give you my phone number but please share this page because it is my grandsons puppy and he is very attached to him this puppy dog is only about six to eight months old and he's very friendly loves little kids but is afraid of strangers please contact me as soon as you see anything or hear anything thank you." (L-25-15) UPDATE: 6/1/15 Rango has been found safe.

5/28/15 FOUND DOG Michael posted this today: so this little girl showed up about an hour ago and doesnt want to leave. must have an owner and she clearly broke her chain off and got away. no luck finding the owner. we are on the corner of 7th and montana.(Gooding idaho) I dont have the time to track down the owner so any help is appreciated."  Gooding Dogs Group 831-869-9742

5/26/15 Stolen from Wendell area 8 month old blue nose Pitbull greyish black coat, white chest, 2 white front paws. $REWARD$ for any info on where he might be or who has him.  If found, no questions asked (208) 320-4793 please don't hesitate to call. My kids miss him dearly. (L-24-15)

5/19/15 Please help! Went missing north of Gooding this morning! (May 17th) He has a green collar with a tag. He is black and white Morkie and his name is Meko please call Jennifer Anne Wert if you know anything about him. 208-420-1533. (L-23-15)

5/19/15 LOST JACK RUSSEL TERRIER Dory Aguado John wrote this:
May 19th, 10:28pm
Can you please help me spread the word. My Jack Russel is missing. She's been gone since Saturday. I live north east of Gooding. 539-1499. Thank you!!! (L-22-15)

5/16/15 Have u seen me? My name is Zeik and I have been missing from my grandma's house in Gooding since Thursday about four. If you have seen me please let someone know so I can go home. Call 316-9543 if found thanks.  (L-21-15)

5/15/15/ LOST Dog near Gooding Idaho. Missing a male Corgi. Contact Gooding Dogs Group at 831-869-9742. Jori wants her dog back. (L-20-15)

CLOSED 5/15/15 FOUND: This Boxer was found near Wendell Idaho. He's a gentle boy who sadly has no I.D. If he is yours or you know who he belongs to please call David at 208-293-6739. (F-16-15) UPDATE: 5/15/15 Taken to the pound.

5/15/15 Female dog Pitbull missing from Utah Street Gooding. she is brown with a white miss shaped heart on her chest. she is wearing a pink collar and a white flea and tick collar her name is Sissy. she has been missing since about 7 o'clock this morning. I have been to the veterinary clinic and to the police station looking for her and all over town and still cannot find her, if found please call me at 208-320-1459 and my name is Mary. (L-19-15)

05-12-15 Breanna was wondering if anyone has called in or came in looking for an Australian shepherd possibly mixed with something? She's young. She just showed up yesterday. She has left no number but you can post here. She has also has sent a picture but I am in the process of learning how to transfer it. (it's a big learning curve). (F-15-15)

05-13-15: LOST Help find LADY. She was lost night night between Gooding and Shoshone. Lady is a black and white, 50 pound dog with long ears and a short coat. She is about 1 year old. If you see her please call Anna Shobe at 536-9660 or 219-4303. Lady may be aggressive with other dogs. Keep your eyes open please. (L-18-15)

CLOSED 5/6/15 Found in my back yard which is fenced. Male chihuahua with blue collar- found on 1850 south road please call 539-4548" (this might be Gooding or Wendell Idaho, not sure).
(F-14-15) UPDATE: Transferred to the pound and then fostered and adopted.

5/3/15 LOST DOG - Gooding Idaho - missing from the area of 5th and California St, a small black and tan puppy. Call 208-969-1116.  (L-17-15)

CLOSED 5/2/15 FOUND DOG Victoria wrote this: "We found this dog today off 1500 E. Call me if it's yours 941-0399." (believe that is east of Gooding Idaho) (F-13-15) UPDATE: 5/3/15 Owner found.

4/29/15 LOST  Beau, he is white with black spots and has a brindled patch on his back and covers his tail, ears and his right eye. He escaped from our yard Yesterday evening, April 28th. He's wearing a choke chain collar. He is tall and kinda skinny. Missing From Wendell Idaho. If any information please call Missy Thompson Tinker or Chris Alzaa Tinker at (208) 731-1557. Our family would appreciate it if you kept your eyes open for him."

CLOSED 4/21/15 - FOUND outside of Cook's grocery in Gooding Idaho, this little 8 pound fuzzy dog. Call 831-869-9742 or 208-934-5705 to claim him. (F-12-15) UPDATE:  4/26/15 Owner claimed.

CLOSED4/14/15 FOUND 2 BRITTANY SPANIELS 4/14/ Susie posted this and photo:Hitch hiking on the highway between Gooding and Shoshone. Not the best place for us to be. If you know where we are suppose to be please call 539-3006. (they are safe and out of traffic) (F-11-15) UPDATE:  4/14/15 Owner claimed.

CLOSED 4/15/15 FOUND Yellow Lab, red collar, found near Wendell. (F-10-15) UPDATE: 4/16/15 Transferred to Twin Falls shelter.

4/12/15 LOST DOG "Lost from twin falls on 4/12/15 "Pooby" 1/2 Yorkie 1/2 Chihuahua...(208)358-5660...intact male...2 inch tail" (L-15-15)

4/7/15 LOST BOXER Lost in the Jerome Idaho area. Megan wrote this: "Hi i was wondering if by chance my Boxer might have made it this way. He is a mixed Boxer and his name is Cashias. He had a black collar on and he has a scar by his ear. He got out a couple weeks ago in Jerome and the shelter told me to try you guys. Please if you have any info on him or where he might be please contact me, my name is Megan. I just want my boy back home." Contact GDG at 934-5705 if you have info. (L-14-15)

CLOSED 3/29/15 - LOST DOG near the 1800 s 1800 E road outside of Gooding Idaho, a small breed, brown with a wide white patch on her face. Call 208-421-7273 (L-13-15) UPDATE:  Found safe.

3/26/15 Lost Dog in Wendell - Mija, an eight year old small brown dog has gone missing, she's expecting a litter soon, so could be holed up somewhere quiet with her new born pups. Look in your sheds, garages, etc. Call Steph at Wendell Animal Control if you have info on Mija. 208-420-6863 (L-12-15)

CLOSED 3/15/15 FOUND Ashley wrote this: 15th, 9:04pm
"This Yellow Lab has been outside my house for a while tonight. It appears like it has hair missing on each side. The dog is very calm and easy to approach. It has a blue, tight collar, with no tags. I am not sure if it is male or female, I don't want to mess around with it too much yet. I am not sure who to contact for a pick up to go to the pound. I have a smaller kennel outside I will try to keep her in overnight." No contact phone, call GD at 934-5705 or (831)869-9742 to claim this nice dog. (F-09-15) UPDATE: 3/17/15 Owner claimed.

3/10/15 LOST DOG 3/10 in Gooding Idaho, Jenny posted this: "My little buddy has been gone all day...his name is Monster. We live off of 9th and Elmwood. If anyone sees him, or knows where he is please call me at 208-358-4394. TIA (L-11-15)

3/5/15 LOST YORKIE - Gooding Idaho,Maggie posted this: Our dog, Moose, went missing from our back yard and there is no way he can escape because he's fenced in pretty good and his collar was there, but he wasn't. So we think someone might have taken him also because his collar was broken like someone struggled to get it off he's a Yorkiepoo, he's black with grey below is a picture of him I hope you can help thanks". If you have info, please contact Maggie through Gooding Dogs Group - new phone #831-869-9742. (L-10-15)

2/27/15 My Yorkie didn't come back home after being let out to potty. Last seen near the Walker Center in Gooding.  If you see him please call; 208-358-2614. Thank you (#L-09-15)

2/27/15 Helping Friends Furever Rescue by posting a photo of a pure black long haired dog who slipped his leash at his new foster's place a couple of days ago. He could be running north of Shoshone, Dietrich, who knows by now. If you have a little hungry stray who is all black, call or text Dave at 731-4459. (L-08-15)

2/19/15 TWO LOST DOGS - in the area around Bliss Idaho missing since Monday a large white Shepherd and small Chi-Corgi mix. If you've seen these two (photos to follow) call Liz at 760-713 1509. They are frantic to get their dogs back. (L0-6-15 and L-07-15)

2/18/15 FOUND DOG - gorgeous blue eyed, black and white Pitty found North West of Gooding Idaho. Call 208-358-0617 to claim this guy. (F-08-15)

2/14/15 FOUND DOG - today on Highway 46 north of Gooding a shy, but sweet German Shepherd has been found. Call me at 208-934-4254 to claim him. (F-07-15)

2/14/15 FOUND DOG - one mile west of Wendell Idaho, this little Chihuahua wearing a collar but with no id, To claim this little Chihuahua call Gooding Dogs Group at 208-934-4254 or my cell 208-293-2329. Let's share with all our Wendell friends as this little Chi probably wasn't too far from home when picked up. (F-06-15)

CLOSED 2/14/15 LOST DOG - brown with a black tail 6 month old pup with blue collar called Jack, Call Marcella at 340-2358. Lost near North Valley school. (L-05-15) UPDATE: 2/14/15 Found.

CLOSED 2/10/15 LeeAnn Norris-Nielson posted on FB  "My dog disappeared last night. I'm pretty sure someone picked her up cause if she gets out she runs straight to the front door. If anyone sees or has her please let me know" (L-04-15) UPDATE:  2/10/15 Home safe again.

2/7/15 LOST DOG 2/7 - lost in the vicinity of Shoestring Road south west of Gooding Idaho, a female largish mixed breed, she looks like a Boxer/Dalmation, white with black spots. She was recently spayed and Wendy is looking everywhere for her. If you've seen this dog, call 208-731-1077. No photo at this time. (L-03-15)

CLOSED 2/4/15 FOUND DOG "This dog was found at Gooding High School on February 3rd, 2015. She looks like a miniature Australian Shepherd. If you recognize this animal please call Gem Vet Clinic (934-5626) for information or please post here." This dog is not in the Gooding Idaho pound.(F-05-15) UPDDATE: 2/7/15 Owner claimed.

2/3/15 LOST GERMAN SHEPHERD - Sheila the friendly German shepherd is once again on the loose in Gooding Idaho as per her family who posted this today: "my name is kyra wilkins and someone keeps letting my dog out of my big fenced in yard please can anyone help me find her, her name is Sheila and she is a german shepard black and tan" Kyra did not include her phone number, if you've seen Sheila, call Gooding Dogs Group at 934-4254. (L-02-15)

1/30/15 FOUND DOG: Karen Rushing Melugin
Jan 30th, 8:51am
Found small chihuahua male puppy/or older dog on 1750 S road near LeaVall feedlot (north west of Gooding Idaho). He's been stopping at our house for last 4 days cold n wet. Please contact to claim ASAP." Ms Melugin did not include a phone number or photo, to claim this dog contact GDG at 934-4254, (F-04-15)

Missing Great Pyrenees 6 month old puppy as of this morning. His name is Hank and he is super sweet dog! Please call 293-6235 if you have seen him. Thanks so much!- Call Krystal Kendell if you find her Great Pyrenees pup lost near the 1750 E Road near Gooding Idaho.: (L-01-15) UPDATE:  1/25/14 Hank has been found safe.

1/25/14 FOUND DOG -Crystal Smith (see our Timeline ) wrote: Found south of Wendell Idaho !!!! Can only keep couple days. Male Pit Bull mix very friendly. Crystal did not include a phone number, contact her through our timeline post. (F-03-15)

1/23/15 FOUND DOG - found out by the ISDB track, think he is in the Gooding Idaho pound this morning, but won't know for sure until they open. Call 208-934-4254 to claim this Pug. (F-02-15)

CLOSED 1/4/15 Barbara Geer Rivers just posted "Anyone missing this sweet pup? Found him in my yard. He's in my outside kennel so he doesn't go to the pound. Has a green kong collar and a rabies tag from Gem vet. I called them but their computer is down so they can't tell who it is. Pm me if he belongs to you " (no mention of the town, but I suspect it is Gooding Idaho, no phone number included) Gooding Dogs Group 208-934-4254 (F-01-15) UPDATE: 1/5/14 Owner claimed.

CLOSED 12/28/14 Lost Dog - Lissy May posted this today "Lost Pyrenees in Gooding. Lost near the top of the Clear Lakes grade on Gooding side. He is probably running With a small female dog who is spotted light brown colored. (L-73) UPDATE:  12/29/14 Pyrenees found and small dog in a shelter.

CLOSED 12/24/14Found in Shoshone out by the bowling alley. Would like to make it home for Christmas.. Call 539-3006. (F-59) UPDATE: 12/29/14 owner claimed.

12/20/14 FOUND DOG - Steve wrote this: "i have a short haired pyrenees i think, that showed up at my house do you know if any one lost him, he has a collar." No photo, the dog is north of Gooding not too far from Sliman and Butler Irrigation. Call Steve at 208-539-7919. (F-57)

12/18/14 Christine Hall in Gooding, Idaho posted this photo and description this morning. Contact her at cmhqhs@gmail (no phone number) "This dog has been hanging around my house this morning. Utah and 7th. Very nice fixed male. I would like to find his home". (F-56)

CLOSED 12/16/14 FOUND DOG: Wendy Florence (posts by others) wrote this 12/14/14 "Found this little girl at the exit of I84 and 93 heading into Twin Falls. Between 4-6 months I think. She is super sweet and I'm sure her family is missing her. Please message me if she is your dog." (no phone number, contact her through this page) (F-55) UPDATE:  12/16/14 Owners found.

CLOSED 12/1/14 A male terrier with a collar and tag but the tag number is not current. East of Gooding Idaho, near Glanbia. 208-934-4254 (F-54). Owner claimed

CLOSED 12/1/14 Found Dog - black and white Border Collie mix (a little Lab maybe?) female pup, 4-6 months old, medium coat, well socialized, found behind the Miramar Bar in Gooding Idaho.  208-934-4254 (F-53) Rescued by Ogden Foster Shelter.

11/29/14 FOUND DOG - Rylee Vader posted this: "This dog showed up at my in laws house on Ritchie Rd last night in Hagerman. Super friendly has a blue collar with no tags. Please help us find his home. " (no phone number in the post, message her via Facebook or call us at 934-4254 if you know this dog.  (F-52)

CLOSED 11/28/14 THREE lost dogs in Gooding. Lori posted that an opened gate allowed her three dogs to escape into the city of Gooding Idaho. A German shepherd lab mix, a black lab and a tan shepherd mix, they were last seen on 8th Ave (not sure if it was east or west side of town). If you've seen the three call Lori at 308-7556. (L-70,71,72) UPDATE:  11/29/14 All three are home safe again.

 CLOSED 11/25/14 LOST DOGS Mayda Hatfield wrote this: "Hi there. I'm hoping you guys can help us out. We are missing our two red boxers, Pete and Kenny. They have been missing since yesterday. I'm worried about them keeping warm. They have gone missing once before, but when they found their way home we had to amputate two toes off of Pete's back foot!" (What Ms. Hatfield failed to mention is important - in what area did the dogs go missing, what is the contact phone number, how about a photo to help with spotting these two?",) Until Ms. Hatfield supplies a phone number, contact Gooding Dogs Group if you've seen these red boxers 208-934-4254. (L-69) UPDATE: 11/26/14 They are both home safe.

CLOSED 11/23/14 Frankie (of Ace Hardware fame) is missing, from 7th and Montana in Gooding. Please help bring him home! If you see him please please call 539-3006 or 358-2074. (L-68)  UPDATE: 11/23/14 Frankie is home safe again.

11/3/14 LOST Dog - Jennifer Davis posted this: Missing: "Zeus" 4yo Male blk/whi Springer Spaniel near Hwy 46/3400 South. If located please contact me. He wandered off Saturday and has not come home. He was not wearing his collar. I have posted in multiple groups. Please help us find our furbaby. (no phone number, contact her through Facebook) (L-67)

10/31/14 LOST Champ, a 3 yr. old Brittany Spaniel last seen in the desert north of Kenny Butte, northwest of Gooding on Thursday, Oct. 16th. Wearing blue and pink collar with address written inside. Also wearing black shock collar. If you have seen or have any information on this dog, please call Tom, 208-961-0178.  (L-66)

10/28/14 LOST DOG - Chris Braun posted this: American Brittany missing since 10/26/14 disappeared from our house north of Gooding. Approximately 30 pounds. No collar very sweet and friendly family dog and we are very worried. Chris or Angie Braun 961-0891 or 961-1850. (L-65)

10/26/14 LOST DOG-Jerome Idaho, the Hepworth's posted this: "
We are missing a white Lab (Wheezer) and a Chesapeake mix (Jake) from Jerome. They were last seen in the area of 150 S 200 W if anyone has any information please call Vicki at 208-308-8699 or Taylor at 208-308-8099. (L-64)

CLOSED 10/24/14 LOST DOG Cecelia posted this: "My mom's Beagle got out of an unlatched gate this morning and has been missing for about 4 hours now. We live about a mile north of the the railroad tracks just west of the highway. She is slightly over sized for a Beagle and often gets mistaken for a small Basset Hound. She is mostly tan in color. I will try to post a picture soon. She is very friendly and her name is Ginger. If anyone sees her, please give me a call at 308-1316. My mom is heartbroken." ( Gooding Idaho, No photo yet) (L-63)  Returned by a neighbor.

CLOSED 10/22/14 FOUND DOG 10/20/14 - Reschell reported that while out on the area southwest of Bliss where the windmills turn, this female dog came towards them and was friendly but scared, of normal weight, no collar, no id. She thinks this is a cowdog/panish cross, very nice dog but never been on a leash. Could be a cowpuncher's dog - please pass the word to ranchers who run livestock in the area. And share, share, until we get the right set of eyes on her photo. Call Reschell at 539-0003. (F-51)

10/21/14 LOST Female Rot/Lab mix wearing pink camo collar. Last seen 1805 E. 3050 S. in Wendell. No phone number. Contact Kattie Twitchell on FB. (L-62)

10/19/14 LOST DOG: Martinez posted this: "Please post this picture of our lost chihuahua Cheech last seen Oct 18 by California st. In gooding. He has a collar with my phone number on it . He was not wearing his jacket at the time thank you. So if you have seen Cheech, call me at 749-0713. (L-61)

10/18/14 LOST Dog - Whitnie posted this: black and white female Border Collie with no tail lost out by Box Canyon Dairy, off Bob Barton Rd. She has 2 bad legs, went through extensive surgery early this year. URGENT we find her. Her name is Chrome if seen please call 208-473-6894 or 208-573-7072 (L-60) UPDATE:  10/19/14 Chrome is home safe again.

CLOSED 10/9/14 FOUND DOG: This dog was found in the desert 15 miles north of Gooding! We are keeping her safe while we try to find the owners. We will put her in foster and if the owners do not come forward we will put her in for adoption through Friends of the Burley Shelter Animals. Contact 208-934-4254. (F-50)

CLOSED 10/8/14 FOUND - Kochert's reported that a 6-8 mos. old pup showed up at their place northwest of Gooding dragging a length of flat nylon rope. They put him in with their dogs and there he will await his owner. Call 934-4254 to claim him, or express interest in, call them direct at 308-7046.(F-49). This dog was taken to the pound (P-87), he was not claimed but was rescued by Friends of the Burley Shelter Animals and subsequently adopted by a family in Oregon.

10/7/14 LOST Tonya called and left this message - LOST DOGS in Gooding, small black Rat Terrier mix (Hank) and a German Shepherd mix (Smokey) have gotten out the yard last night (6th of Oct.) and their people are looking for them. Both are wearing collars. Hank and Smokey are missed at home. Call Tonya at 490-2580. (L-58-59)

Smokey (L-58)

CLOSED 10/6/14/ LOST DOG -
My dog Sissy went missing this early afternoon, she took off with my sister's St. Bernard. Missing from Utah St. in Gooding. If you see them or hear anything about them please call me " Mary" at 208-329-1075 (L-57) UPDATE: 10/6/14 Home safe.

CLOSED 9/30/1LOST DOG - Critchlow family posted this today: "This dog was taken from a ranch near King Hill/Glenns Ferry. Please keep your eyes open contact the Fudge Factory in Glenns Ferry. Reward for safe return. 366-7687 (L-56) UPDATE: 9/30/14 Dog found safe.

9/27/14 Martha Novinger posted this at 4:20 Sat. afternoon: "Found a small tan pit bull on main in Gooding. Looking for owner call 731-0063 with details, we want the owners to have her back. (F-48)

9/25/14 LOST DOG yesterday (9/25/14)- in the Shoshone Idaho area, a short snouted Chocolate Lab, male, no collar, no tags. Please call 934-7061. (L-55)

CLOSED 9/23/14 LOST DOG IN Wendell: We are missing our 7 yr old Boston Terrier. Her name is Schatze, We are outside of Gooding - toward Wendell. Phone number is 934-4622. No collar. She usually wore one, but didn't have it on that day. We were gone for less than an hour Saturday afternoon. Last saw her in our front yard Saturday about 4:00 p.m (L-54) UPDATE: 10/17/14 Back home safe again.

CLOSED 9/23/14 FOUND DOXY - in Wendell Idaho, a female dachshund brindled and black. Call Heather at 208-490-2123 to identify and claim. (F-46) UPDATE:  9/23/14 Owner found.

CLOSED 9/22/14 Brenda Sliman reported this afternoon: "I had a dog show up at my cabin Sunday night. He had been traveling awhile. I have him with me. Help us find his people. He has collar no tags. He is Britney spaniel" Call GDG at 934-4254 (Brenda did not leave a contact number). (F-45) UPDATE: 9/23/14 Owner found.

CLOSED 9/20/14
Alyssa L Cochran‎ wrote on 9/21 that:· My husband found this little girl in the desert east of town ! She needs a good home , I did find a foster for her for a few weeks ! She's sweet , plays we'll with kids and other dogs ! (F-47) 9/23/14 Transferred to the Friends of Burley Animal Shelter.

9/19/14 Found Dog - A male, uncut Border Collie has been left at the Wood River Shelter by someone who is not the owner but reported that the owner lives in Gooding. We are hoping the owner here in Gooding will see this photo and respond. The Wood River Shelter folks say he is a wonderful dog and he deserves to go home. Call 934-4254 if you have info. (F-44)

9/17/14 FOUND DOG: This male lab keeps showing up at my house causing all kinds of havoc with my dogs. He is younger and very friendly. Runs inside the house if the door is open, has a blue-ish collar but no tags. I'm betting he is somebody's hunting buddy. I would love to find his owner and return him. I live 4 miles North and 1.5 miles east of Gooding. Thanks, Kim 316-1881. (F-43)

 9/15/14 - FOUND PUPPY Red Heeler female about 4-6 months old. Found north of Gooding Idaho about a week ago. Linda thought it may have something to do with the ag harvest traffic. Call 934-3501 to claim. No photo (F-42)

9/15/14 LOST DOG near Wendell: Casey M Wilson posted this:
Sep 15th, 10:04am
I am missing my one year old female Pitbull. Her name is Hershey she is beyond friendly, a lover, I let her out to go potty carried in a bag of groceries came back outside and she was gone from 3rd and Pocatello in Wendell by elementary school. She is a small pit around 40-45 lbs. brownish/reddish with white chest, and paws. She has two shades of brown on face like a mask. Offering a $$$ reward for her back. Very worried. (no phone number, contact Casey through our timeline). 934-4254 (L-53)

9/13/14 LOST Yellow Lab lost near Wendell. Honey is much loved and her people are looking hard for her. If you have info on this girl - she's wearing tags - please call Gooding Dogs Group at 934-4254 or post on Lisa Nelson's timeline post. (L-52)

9/3/14 LOST DOG - "I just wanted to share a picture of Mattie so everyone can keep an eye out for her. She is a 9 year old, spayed female. Last seen around Eastland and Falls Ave in Twin Falls. We live an 1 1/2 hours north of Twin, so there is a chance she could end up in Shoshone or Gooding while trying to find her way home. We have had no news on her whereabouts and we would so love for her to be home with us. She has been missing since August 3. 208-761-8358.

CLOSED 9/2/14 FOUND We have a report of a Brittany Spaniel neutered male found in the Fairfield Idaho area, Carol says he's been at her place for about two weeks and nobody has come looking for him. If he's yours, (sorry no photo) please call Gooding Dogs Group at 208-934-4254 and leave a message if necessary. (F-41) UPDATE:  9/4/14/ Owner claimed.

CLOSED 8/28/14 German shepherd mix puppy, male, is running loose at the Ridley's Supermarket parking lot. The dog won't let anyone catch him - so if he's yours, hurry down and get him. (F-40) UPDATE: Adopted.

8/25/14 Found today: Black lab with black collar and studs found Highway 46 near the garbage transfer station. To claim call Stephanie at 208-420-6863. No photo yet.

CLOSED 8/25/14 LOST DOGS Please help our family find them. Last seen west of Salmon Dam in the Monument Springs area on Saturday August 23rd. Male and Female Chocolate Labs. Blue and purple collars with West End Vet contact information. (L-49-50) UPDATE: 8/29/14 Dogs home safe.

8/24/14 LOST DOG - missing since Friday 8/22/14 a white chihuahua with brown spots, answers to Muneca (moon yay-ka, doll in English). Call Claudia in Gooding her number is 208-280-8594. Will post a photo asap. (L-48)

CLOSED 8/23/14FOUND DOG - in Gooding near Ridley's Supermarket, a Weimaraner adult, very anxious to go home. May be in the Gooding pound soon if owners don't come forward. Call 208-934-4254. (F-39) UPDATE: 8/23/14 Owner found.

8/23/14  Kristen and Bill Squires posted this: "Meet Pee Wee he's lost and we can't find him. We moved so its whacky he would run please if you could help find him." The owners did not specify the area (Gooding, Wendell, etc.) If you find a little black dog call 421-6533.  (L-47)

CLOSED 8/21/14 Carol Petty: "This lovely dog has been hanging around our office. If you know who it belongs to call 934-4495". (Carol didn't say but since 934 is a Gooding prefix, I think it is safe top assume this dog is in Gooding ID). F-38 UPDATE: 8/21/14 Dog is home safe.

CLOSED 8/20/14 - three chihuahuas from around California and 11th were running loose today in Gooding, they were visiting the firehouse, the beauty salon and other businesses. They have been corralled northwest of town by a caring person. If they are yours, please call Suzanne at 308-2220. This person has saved the owner the expense of the pound, so please claim yours dogs ASAP. (F-35, 36, 37) UPDATE: 8/21/14 They are all home safe.

8/14/14- somebody's little Yorkie (brown and beige) has been found here in Gooding and is in Mel's backyard (so it doesn't become road kill on the busy street). Call him at 358-2560 to claim the little one No photo (F-34)

CLOSED 8/9/14 Mellisa just posted this: "Our dog we just adopted has run away (in Glenns Ferry) and we've been searching for him all day, his name is Loki and he has a black collar with white bones on it. He's sweet so he should come up to you. If you see him please call Melissa at 208-749-1000 or Steven at 208-358-0044. Thank you (L-46) UPDATE:  8/10/14 LOKI has returned home.

8/8/14 LOST - 3 miles south of Fairfield, Idaho, all black Pointer Husky cross, about 55 pounds, red collar. Call Ben at 208-721-3439. Photo is coming soon. (L-45)

Tjay Hudson
Aug 5th, 1:03pm
"PLEASE POST. My 1 year old German shepherd went missing yesterday. she is tan with a black saddle. her name is Nala. if you see her please let me know. she has her pink collar, city tags, she is micro chipped, and spayed. We fear somebody may have taken her. Very worried for her safety, please be on high alert. My family misses her terribly" (No mention of the town Nala went missing from, or a contact phone number, and no photo) (L-44)

CLOSED 8/3/14 Tricia Tempke writes her Rottweiler, Missy, got out of her yard a couple days ago and has not returned. She is very sweet and loving. Please contact me or Jerry Pierce, Jr. (no phone numbers, location or photo). (L-43) UPDATE: 8/4/14 Home safe.

CLOSED 7/30/14 This little guy has been hanging around our house on Oregon and 7th. He is very intelligent. More than likely lost. Please call 934-8217 if he belongs to you.(F-33) Neighbor came and got him.

7/31/13 LOST DOG - black chihuahua uncut male, lost In Gooding on July 30th. Call 421-2450 if you have spotted this little guy. Sorry, no photo. the dog answers to Cuco (pronounced Sue-co). (L-42)

7/25/14 Found Dog north of Shoshone Idaho, male, small, black and friendly,
was found on 7/21/14 on road 520 North of Shoshone. 208-308-5627. (F-32)

FOUND DOG F-31 Mikki Beadz
Jul 19th, 1:15pm
"Found south of wendell, male wire hair mix. Very friendly, showed up at our house with twine wrapped around his neck like he had been tied up and broke free. He was pretty skinny when he showed up but looking better now, wondering if there is someone out there looking for thus friendly guy." (no phone number included).

7/14/14 FOUND DOG IN HAGERMAN: Found chihuahua mix in Hagerman near cemetery in Valley Circle subdivision on July 13. Sweet female,loves children. Phone 208-308-5795. (F-30)

7/12/14 FOUND White shepherd mix near 1600 E. and Shoestring Rd. Call 934-4254. (F-29)

CLOSED 7/13/14 LOST Here's a photo of Loretta, the red and white border collie who went missing a few days ago with her buddy, a black and white border collie. The black and white was picked up by the pound (and then retrieved by his owner) but Loretta is still on the loose. If you've seen her call Theresa at 308-5067 (L-40-41) UPDATE: 7/14/14 Both dogs are home safe again.

CLOSED 7/14/14 LOST Male tan Pug in Gooding wearing blue collar named Rocky. Contact Rhonda Canales on Facebook. (L-39) UPDATE:  7/28/14 Sorry to hear Rocky was found deceased on the side of the road.

CLOSED:  LOST, 7/8/14 Our sweet Saint Bernard is missing.! Please keep an eye open for her. She is very sweet and will come when called. Her name is Annabelle/Annie she comes to both. If anyone sees her please get a hold of me or Kristen and Bill Squires. No number or location given. (L-38) UPDATE: 7/8/14 Found safe.

7/3/14 FOUND John Linda Carpenter posted this. "This dog showed up at our house off of Shoestring Rd. we can't keep it please help find the owner."  Dog then ran off (no phone no details about the dog either). (F-28)

7/5/14 LOST pregnant 2 year old Border Collie escaped our fence 7/2/14 name is Chucha please post missing west of Wendell between Westpoint and Bob Barton Rd. (208) 329-4175. (L-37)

CLOSED:  6/24/14 Chivas, the Chihuahua is missing in Jerome. (L-36) UPDATE: 7/1/14 Chivas has been found safe.

CLOSED 6/24/14 FOUND DOG - Brooke Leguineche just posted this:"We would like to find her home before we take her in....found just north of Gooding. She followed me home and didn't leave. She is very friendly but doesn't seem to like other dogs much. Female about 6 months old." (No phone #, contact GDG at 208-934-4254) (F-27) UPDATE: Owner found.

CLOSED  6/18/14 This friendly dog was found by Kristina. Black and tan uncut male mixed breed.  Found near Gooding/Lincoln County Line. Hopefully whomever owns this dog is looking at this webpage. If not, it appears that the dog will be taken to the Gooding Idaho pound. Call Gooding Dogs Group at 208-934-4254 to claim this dog prior to the pound - much cheaper! (F-26) UPDATE: 7/2/14 Fuzzy Pawz in Boise has agreed to foster him until he finds a furever home.

CLOSED 6/19/14 LOST DOG - Bill lost his Aussie shepherd with a bobbed tail at the Valley Country Store earlier today. If you've seen the dog or have your hands on him, call 208-869-4108.
(L-35) UPDATE:  6/25/14 Bill has found his dog safe.

 6/17/14 FOUND a Black Lab female, appears to have had puppies not too long ago. She's young and wearing a faded red woven collar, very friendly and sweet natured. Found Eight miles west of Bliss Idaho near King Hill and only 2 miles from the I-84 rest area. This dog has been listed on the national Lost and Found Pets database and cross-checked on craigslist. Call Vickie to claim her 208-366-2710. (F-25)

6/15/14  he disappeared last night I'm on the 1000 block of California st. Between 11th and 10th so maybe we can find and call the owner and make sure he got home safe. (F-24)

6/15/15 FOUND DOG 6/14 Melody Frudd Bishop posted this: "I have a little brown and black puppy, maybe 8-10 weeks?  Thank you!" (No phone number, contact her through Facebook) (F-23)

CLOED 6/11/14 LOST DOG- Natasha posted "I was just wondering if anybody has seen this dog, She got out of the house this morning and can't be found. She's a black with white markings Chihuahua and is greatly missed! If anybody has seen her or has her I'd greatly like her back! (L-34) Back home now.

CLOSED 6/10/14 LOST DOG Jordan McKinnen reported this: "Our dog Shorty has been gone since the night before last (June 8, 2014), and still isn't home! . Please if anyone sees him, you can contact me here on Facebook, or my number is 731-2315! Any help is really appreciated!! He's never been gone this long, and we're really worried.   (L-33) UPDATE:6/14/14 Shorty is home safe.

CLOSED: 6/6/14 FOUND DOG - Gooding Idaho, posted by Deborah New: "Anybody missing a Mastiff puppy? Male, not neutered, found by the West Park, super friendly no collar or tags/: (no phone number listed and not sure if this dog is in Deborah's possession or not). (F-22) UPDATE:  6/7/14 Owner found.

CLOSED 6/1/14 FOUND DOG - little friendly guy found north of Gooding Idaho. To claim him, call Gooding Dogs Group 208-934-4254. (F-21) UPDATE: 6/7/14 Transferred to Boise IHS today after no one claimed him from the pound.

CLOSED 5/30/14 FOUND A couple of sweet dogs have found their way to my in-laws north west of Wendell. They have collars with no tags. The are definitely someone's doggies. Very friendly. Please help us find their people. Call Merlin Askew 536-2511 or Rhonda Askew 539-3403. (F-19-20)  UPDATE: 5/31/14 Owners located.

CLOSED 5/30/14 LOST north of Shoshone Idaho, two boxers have gone missing. This is a courtesy post from another source and we don't have a contact phone number other than Gooding Dogs Group. If you spot these two boxers, call Rene P. King or Gooding Dogs Group at 208-934-4254. (L-31) UPDATE:  Owners found.


CLOSED :5/19/14 FOUND near Dog Creek Reservoir northwest of Gooding. Linda says the dog is a young well-groomed schnauzer type female. She was in a lot of danger running on the oiled road with big trucks rumbling by her. Call Linda if she's yours 208-280-0803. (F-18)UPDATE: 5/21/14 Owner claimed.

CLOSED: LOST DOG - 5/17/14 Please help us find our dog. His name is Ziggy Vader last seen in Tuttle area. He's black and white with shaggy hair. Very friendly please contact me or my husband Rylee 293-5482 or Dusty 432-2558. He is very missed but mostly by a little 2 year old girl. Thank you (L-30) UPDATE: 5/24/14 Ziggy has been found safe.

CLOSED: 5/1/14/FOUND DOG - 12th and California in Gooding, a small black dog, possibly corgi mix, no collar, intact male. Call 934-4211. (F-17) UPDATE: 5/1/14 Finders adopted.

 5/3/2014 Kody F. posted this on our posts by others: "Lost 2 labs in Jerome Idaho April 3rd 2014
 1 large black male & 1 medium sized yellow female lab. Please please call Kody Feltman at 208-969-0700 my kids miss them dearly. They are 5 & 6 years old."( L-29)

4/25/24 WANDERING DOG - a grey Weimeraner female is looking for her people on River Road down the Bliss Idaho grade. She is still running loose, not captured, but call Diane right away at 837-6645 if you are looking for her. (note: no # assigned)

CLOSED: 4/25/24 FOUND DOG near the bowling alley on the south end of Gooding Idaho, a male Border Collie, black with black and gray freckles on the feet and chest. He has long hair. To claim this very nice dog, call Gooding Dogs Group at 934-4254. (F-16) UPDATE: 5/3/14 Adopted locally.

CLOSED: 4/23/14 FOUND DOG: HELP! Hello fellow Gooding people, on my way into to Gooding on the back road to Glanbia, we found a little cowdog he is small and puppy like, no collar.. my guess is he got dropped off:( if anyone is missing a dog please please let me know! He had a friend but it ran off and we couldn't find it. Once we got home we gave him a bath and introduced him to our other dogs, they get along great! he seems like he just loves to play and be loved but we just cant keep him if anyone owns him please come claim him if not then he is free to a good home! (F-15) UPDATE: 4/26/14 Adopter from Craigs List.

 4/23/14 LOST DOG - (L-28) near Hagerman, Idaho a black lab female about a year old who answers to Elsa. Call Tara at 208-961-0406. There are flyers posted in Hagerman for this dog.(L-28)

4/21/14 CLOSED: Found, tan and white, female Bassett Hound. Lindsey Poole posted this: This dog was found in the Cook's parking lot, with a dog cable hooked to her collar. Some guy dropped her off to the attendant at Steve's. Please let me know if anyone recognizes her. (F-14) UPDATE: 4/22/14 Owner claimed.

 CLOSED: LOST DOG - 4/22/14 - Jake, lost 4/15 in Wendell Idaho. He's black and brown with brown eyebrows. Call Cynthia Sedano 208-539-1404. (L-27) UPDATE: 4/22/14 A good samaritan found him injured and took him to the vet where he was later reunited with his owners.

4/16/14 LOST DOG -"Kim Horn
Missing from North Shoshone. We miss him very much and are very anxious for his return. He is a male Boston, intact. Mostly black with brindle, and a longer nose than most Boston's. He is also much larger than most Boston. We love him very much, please help us get him back. Call 316-4676 L-26

CLOSED 4/15/14 FOUND PUPPY - found in the 400 block of Colorado St. in Gooding Idaho. Contact Gooding Dogs Group at 208-934-4254 or post here to claim this little puppy. (F-13) UPDATE: 4/16/14 Owner claimed.

 4/14/2014: :LOST AROUND 2/21/14 Goes by the name Tuff. He is a Australian Shepherd/Sheep Dog mix, Male, Not Fixed, Very Friendly, Did not have a collar on. He was last seen around Hagerman, ID area. There is a $200.00 Reward! Please if any information call Devone Bates at (208) 837-4137 or Ashley McAhren at (208) 731-4541 (L-25)

CLOSED 4/12/14 LOST DOG Gooding Idaho, "A friend's little ShihTzu got out in the 11th/12th and Utah area last night. His name is Rosco and he is black and white and mostly blind they will hopefully be posting a pic soon! Keep eyes out for this lil guy! Jamie Lynn Caudle (check our Facebook timeline) no photo (L-24) 4/14/14 Found safe.

LOST DOG- 4/11/14
My dog was last seen in my back yard this am. He's a brown shaggy retriever about 85 lbs and answers to Hub. East side of Gooding. This picture is old, but he doesn't look much like any other dog. Justin and Sydnee Rasmussen (no phone). L-23 UPDATE: 4/12/14 Found safe.

CLOSED: LOST DOG 4/8/14 - My daughter opened the door and her puppy ran away If anyone sees her please call me asap 208 320 6808. Shes a Japanese Chin, her name is Princess. In Gooding Idaho, by 4th and Oregon street. 358-6787 (L-22) UPDATE: 4/8/14 Found safe.

CLOSED 4/6/14 FOUND DOG - This dog was found on my Grandparents farm in Richfield,Idaho today (4/5/14). Just thought I would post in as many places as possible to see if anyone knew where this puppy dog came from. Contact Brianna Leguineche 208-308-2295. (F-12) UPDATE: 4/16/14 Adopted.

FOUND in GOODING - two dogs, both adults. One male yellow lab and one female black lab. We are waiting to see if these are the pair that went missing 8 miles west of Wendell, Idaho. Call 539-5369 if you are missing this pair of dogs. No photo. F-10-11

4/3/14 LOST DOGS- eight miles west of Wendell Idaho, two dogs have gone missing since yesterday 4/2/14. Jango (pure black lab mix) and Memphis (yellow lab) . Call 208-316-2930 (L-20-21)

4/1/14 FOUND Jack Russell Terrier 3200 S. Wendell Brown and Tan Male!" (No phone, just jjtruscott1@yal there is no .com after yal, so not sure about this email address). If he's yours, call GDG at 934-4254. (F-9)

CLOSED 4/1/14 LOST DOG - missing this morning from north west of Gooding Idaho, a border collie female, black and white, five years old. She answers to "Bea". Please give the Olson's a call if you've seen her or found her. 208-590-1488. .(L-19) UPDATE:  4/1/14 Bea has been found safe.

3/27/14  LOST DOG- From Vanessa in Wendell: "spayed Lab/Rottie, Buddha, missing from Wendell since August of last year. Has her dewclaws and has a double nail growing out of one of her back dewclaws..white spot on her chest..very missed.." Contact her through Facebook under Vanessa Ann Luna. (L-18)

3/27/14 LOST DOG - Hannah posted this: "Our male border collie dog has been missing since Sunday night, we live south of Wendell. I'm having difficulty uploading a picture but will do so as soon as I can! He is mostly black and white longer shaggy hair, with a docked tail. He is about five, he does have a collar but recently lost his tags his name is Jake. Please of u can help us spread the word! He is a part of the family and we are heart broken that he is not home." Call Hannah at 208-358-0996 (L-17)

CLOSED 3/26/14
FOUND DOG Susie of Gooding posted this 3/25/2014 ":Think this young lady's name is Jessie seems she has lost her collar since her last visit to our house. I know she had a family and would like them to give me a call. 539-3006."  (F-8) UPDATE: 3/28/14 Susie is home safe again.

3/25/14 FOUND Yellow Lab, female, 6 miles N. Shoshone on Hwy 75 corridor. Call Justin for info at 208-749-1091 (F-7)

LOST today near the Bliss grade - a male uncut Airedale Terrier, black and brown (usual color for that breed). Call Sara at 837-6658. (L-16) PLEASE NOTE:  NOT ACTUAL PHOTO, JUST FOR REFERENCE ONLY.

CLOSED 3/18/14 Beau (Bo) also Known as BoBo, he has been missing since 10 a.m. Saturday March 15, 2014. He is missing from 2882 S. 1800 E. Wendell, Id 83355. Beau has a Camo Collar and a brown patch around his right eye. Beau is tall and thin and about 10-11 months old. We would appreciate if everybody in the Magic Valley Area would keep their eyes out for him. He is not only our dog he is our Family. Contact Chris or Missy Tinker @ (208)731-1557 (L-15) UPDATE: 3/18/14 Beau is back home and safe again!

April Reed posted this 3/9/14: Just wanted to post an update my purebred black and tan uncut male chihuahua is still missing. His name is Max, and was wearing a light blue(may have faded to a greyish color) collar with a BSU bone shaped ID tag with his name and my old phone(208-539-6582) number on it. I have since changed my number (208-490-2615). if anyone has seen him please let me know. He has been missing for exactly a year today. and is missing from Gooding, Idaho. (L-14)

 CLOSED 3/6/14 Three dogs disappeared near Shoshone recently. This photo shows all but the black and white border collie. If anyone has info on these dogs, please call Gooding Dogs Group at 208-934-4254.(L-13) UPDATE: 3/9/14 Dogs found.

3/6/14 LOST DOG - a pit mix, white with brown spots, adult dog fell off a flat bed truck between Dietrich and Wendell day before yesterday. No photo. If the dog has wandered into your place, it may be injured, please call Gooding Dogs Group right away 208-934-4254. (L-12)

 3/6/2014 - FOUND this dog showed up on the 1100 block of Washington St. in Gooding Idaho. Contact GDG at 208-934-4254 to claim him. (F-6)

2/20/14 injured dog hit by car! We took this boy into our rescue yesterday after we received a call that he was found in Gooding after being hit. Please share in case he has an owner that is missing him. He is a male 12 months old. Friends of Burley Shelter Animals
You can call us (FOBSA)! Here is four of our numbers: My number is (208) 602-6053, Dave Wright  (208) 731-4459 Rachel Anderson (208) 420-4675 Jessa Jahn Bedke (208) 283-5377 (F-4)

Posted this evening 2/19/2014 : Missing 4 month old chihuahua from central Gooding. Male. Blonde. Call Gary. 208-358-0508 (L-11) UPDATE:  2/22/14 Home safe.

LOST DOG 2/13/14 - Dog Creek Reservoir area northwest of Gooding Idaho: Male uncut six month old fawn boxer with a black muzzle, white on chin and chest. Call Allison at 970-218-8242. (L-10)

Kari posted that her two dogs broke down their fence and escaped last night. A black Labradoodle and Cubby, a very large Black Lab/Dane mix may be in your neighborhood. Call 420-4533 if you've spotted them. (Gooding) (L-9, L-10) UPDATE:  2/12/14 Found, home safe.

CLOSED 2/3/14 LOST DOG - Wendell, Idaho Mary Ann posted this on Feb 3, 2014
: This dog has been missing from Wendell since January 26th . He is dearly missed. If you have seen him please contact me through facebook or email sassybasco@live .com  (L-8) UPDATE: 2/4/14 Found safe at the Twin Falls Shelter.

2/2/14 Hannah Conover posted this: "My neighbor found a male Chihuahua on Washington street, next to the NVA.
She will keep him over night, out of the cold. If someone wants to claim him call 539-1167."
(Gooding Idaho) F-3

1/14/14 LOST  Cubby, a 14 year old cow dog, black with white paws and nose, docked tail, intact male. He went missing near Faulkner's sheep pens, out by the North Valley Vet Clinic. Call Tiffany at 358-2586.(L-7)

CLOSED 1/24/14 FOUND on the side of the road by North Valley Vet, anyone recognize him?" Call Gooding Dogs Group at 208-934-4254 to claim him. (F-2) Anything's Pawzable adopted him out in TF.

CLOSED 1/21/14 LOST north east of Gooding Idaho two male boxers answer to Pete and Kenny. There is no contact phone, email the owners at maydanbrooke@livecom (L-5&6) UPDATE:  1/21/14 The boys are home safe.

CLOSED 1/21/14 LOST DOG - Buhl Idaho:~MAX~ 11 year old Brindle/white Boxer, missing from Buhl Sunday Jan.19th. Lost 7 miles west of Buhl on highway 30 and mile west of the Lucerne Apartments at the shooting range. Max has had 3 operations and is on meds. His Vet is Patrick at Fair View Clinic in Buhl. Max is more than a pet, he is like our baby. REWARD !!
308-2154, 308-5815 or 731-6919 (L-4) Back home again!

1/16/14 - LOST DOG - Reggie posted this:Lost male Black Lab approximately 2 months old has white cross on chest, near Gooding Post Office,  name is Gooch. Please call 316-2293 if found. (no photo)  (L-3)

1/15/14 LOST (stolen) DOG - Melinda wrote this:My salt and pepper miniature schnauzer was stolen out of my yard Oct 21st 2013. Her name is Delilah. She is 11 pounds and her ears are not cropped. Delilah's tail is docked really short so it looks like a little button. She has a very high pitched bark that hurts your ears. If anyone has any info on where she is please call (208)312-0898.(L-2)

CLOSED1/13/14 LOST:  Willie a Walker Hound dog went missing north of Gooding near Preacher Creek. He's collared and missed very much.There's a reward for anyone who has seen him. If you hear of a nything please contact me. Jori Ann, 731-5402. (L-1) UPDATE: 1/16/14 Home safe, found his own way home.

CLOSED  1/10/14 FOUND near Valley Country Store in Shoshone, a 6-8 mo. old pup, possibly red heeler, husky, shepherd mix (just guessing).  To claim her or express interest in adopting this cutie, call Julie at 316-5557.(F-1) UPDATE: 1/24/14 Adopted.

CLOSED 12/28/13 LOST in Gooding, 14 year old chocolate Cocker Spaniel, Dexter: "His hair is lighter now because of sun and age and a bit shorter since he's been in the house he has a lump on his side and I just know he would wander into someone's open garage and sleep and sleep! We went out again but no sign. I hope someone will take him in and call me 420-4533 thanks."  (L-42) UPDATE:  12/30/13 Dexter has been found safe.

CLOSED 12/20/13
FOUND/LOST this afternoon a black and white border collie mix, a stocky full grown male (no collar) found near the Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area south of Wendell, Idaho. If he's yours, call 536-2774 asap. ( L-41) UPDATE: 12/20/13
This dog was taken to the Twin Falls Shelter today - I guess they couldn't hold him while looking for his people, Call the shelter at 736-2299 ASAP.

CLOSED 12/20/13
LOST 2 Brittany Spaniels: My Brittany spaniels got out last night because their fence was off. Please contact me if you see them 948-0937- we live in Gooding but they get as far as Wendell or Shoshone- thanks (L-40) UPDATE: 12/26/13 Both (and their new puppies) have been found.

CLOSED 12/17/13 LOST...
Posted Today by Tabby New in Gooding Idaho: "My dog Diamond went missing out of my house yesterday. Male. Black/white about 2 years old someone saw him running up towards 1750 but couldn't catch him" Tabby did not include a phone number. GDG number is 208-934-4254. (L-39)UPDATE:  1/2/14 Diamond is home safe.

12/17/13 LOST
CLOSED This is Abby. She is a smaller golden lab. She is wearing a grey collar with a pink tag. She escaped from our yard this morning in Gooding idaho. She most likely will not come to anyone she doesn't know but if anyone sees her or can get to her please message me or call me with info!! 208-421-1177 thank you so much! (L-38) UPDATE: 12/17/13 Home safe.

12/13/13 Lost, a black and tan female toy Dachshund has been missing since July 4th in Wendell near the mobile home park. I know it has been over 5 months but am hopeful that someone will come forward with some information. Her name is Paige and she is missed so much and would love to have her back home.
My phone is presently disconnected but if you need to contact me, please e-mail me. My name is Linda Butler. My e-mail address is: luckylady641@gmail.com (no photo attached, contact GDG at 208-934-4254) if you have info. ( L-37)

CLOSED 12-12-13 - Lost friendly tan pit bull, Jackson, (sometimes called Jack) was just posted by Christie Wheeler in Wendell, Idaho "This beautiful boy went missing 12-10 he is very sweet and lovable. He is about 45lbs and 9 months old. We so miss him and want him back"  208-358-1662 or 208-420-1359 (L-36) UPDATE: 12/16/13 Home safe.

12/12/13 - Lost, little brown long haired dachshund "Norman". He went missing from inside a fenced yard near 3rd Ave. East in Gooding Idaho just last night. If you have found him or seen him, call Sara at 308-2518. (L-35)

12/10/13 LOST
Two schnauzers and one Chihuahua mix that were traveling as a group are still out there somewhere. They were last sighted across the highway from the national guard armory in Gooding Idaho . If you see them, even if you can't catch them, please let us know ASAP. Their people are frantic to get them back and these deathly cold temps are an enemy to all dogs outside. 208-934-4254 (L,-34) UPDATE: 12/12/13 The two schnauzers are back home but the little chi mix is still out there somewhere.

12/9/13 LOST in BLISS Idaho - Female Yorkie tri-color (black,silver, chestnut) on Dec 6th. Hoping this little dog is in somebody's warm house. Please call Gooding Dogs Group at (208) 934-4254. Will post photo ASAP. (L-33)

CLOSED 11/30/13
Italy Jo posted this today, "This little guy was found in Twin Falls out by the airport. It is a male white schnauzer. Please contact Brandy +1 (208) 358-0945 for info. Thanks
(F-32) UPDATE: 12/1/13 Owner found.

11/16/13 This little guy was trapped at the Gooding transfer station and we are hoping to find his home. He is at All Shapes and Sizes grooming and boarding 208-421-3626 please help us find his home(F-31)

November 16, 2013
Brian Gailey posted on Gooding Dogs Group's timeline
"This little girl was found in Wendell Idaho on 11/16/2013 behind the Wendell Snack bar She is very scared and just wants to go home she is at All shapes and Sizes grooming and boarding in Wendell Idaho phone number 208-421-3626" (F-30)

Posted this evening : "
Leni Soloaga James


2 year old Dutch Shepard/Malinous mix. Female. She has a white patch on her chest and an orange collar. Missing in Shoshone Idaho since 11/11/13 night.
Very loved and missed! Please let me know if you know ANYTHING about this dog. Call Leni at
(208) 602-6053  (L-32)

CLOSED October 28 Wendy Florence posted this: My 12 year old yellow lab went missing near the wells summit road turn off on the soldier mountain road in Fairfield the early morning of Saturday October 26. She has a lame front right leg. Very friendly. She is wearing a red collar with a yellow chip tag. If someone brings her in please call 208-731-1546. Thank you very much....
Wendy Florence (L-31) UPDATE: 10/30/13 Returned home safe.

9/27/13 Found:Young (less than year old). Found at our home on 2100 S. 1727 E. about 2 weeks ago. Already somewhat trained and looking for a purpose in his dog-life. Ph. 421-3991, Phil. (F-28)

9/27- Lost 9-22-13. Male Yellow Lab. Goes by Wally, (or Wallace when he's been naughty). Last seen in his yard on 3rd and Oregon in Gooding. Wearing blue collar with Gooding City license attached. He also has a radio chip. He is a very friendly boy and ready to make new pals. He usually wears a radio collar for our in ground fence, but we recently experience a short in the system and had to take the collar off. He is our little boy's best friend and we miss him terribly. Any information is appreciated. Call Kristina (208) 969-0956 (L-29)

9/14/12 Tricia Tamcke of Wendell posted this: "My dog has come up missing from my backyard. Her name is honey she is a very small chiuahua. She's tan and white wearing a black collor with white dog bones. Please call or fb me if you see her. My husband put her out to pee and when we went to let her back in she was gone.She is the same dog that was found in Wendell."  206-679-6388

CLOSED 9/9/13 Kathi Dains has sent a photo of some of the six puppies she found on the desert this weekend. The puppies look to be a Rot mix there are now five one girl four boys my number is 358-3305 .  (F-27) UPDATE: 9/12/13 Puppies transferred to IHS Boise.

9/3/13 Susan Ray posted:
Found Terrier cross. Black and white. Please contact me if you know where he belongs. He's also listed in the Wendell animal shelter Facebook page.  (no phone number listed) F-26

CLOSED LOST: 9/2/13 - " White/cream Shi tzu named Charlie lost 9/1 in Twin Falls. He was wearing a skinny blue collar with brown paw prints. Name tag was left on another collar by mistake. Please help! Some very cute little people miss him very much! Call Tara (208)220-6267 (L-26) Returned home.

 9/1/13 Casey Wilson posted this:
Hey my name is Casey, I have a 8 month old female pitbull that went missing. I don't know if someone came in my house and took her or if she wandered off. I had all doors and windows shut yet she is only one missing of my dogs. Her name is Bandit. She might be pregnant. She is FRIENDLY I have raised all my pitbulls to know love and compassion not fighting. I am extremely worried about her please let me know of any information here are some pictures also. Wearing a chain collar, no tags. (L-25) Call 208-421-3237 or 831-601-0495

8/26 - from Amanda Mulgrew "Hello our black lab is missing in Wendell. Her name is Tig and she has no collar on. She is very sweet though her bark sounds mean. Please call us if you see her. 308-2868." There was no photo attached. (L-23)

8/23/13 Taylor Kaye Bates (no phone number) "Our little Pitbull puppy ran away from home today and he has a heart condition that makes it difficult for him to breathe he also has a skin rash that isn't contagious and it looks like little spots of hair are missing we live on 238 Wyoming street and would love it for the word to get out ill attach a picture of him please please help us! Thank you!  (L-21)

"Lost - Big Yellow Lab with silver chain collar, Answers to "Dobby"
Nip in one ear, Has loud bark but is nice if you call him by name.
If found, call: 208-316-6410 or 208-421-7445"   (L-20)

8/22/13: Lost from Tuttle on July 18th, a fawn colored Chihuahua, he has a black line down his back that swirls on his tail. Buck is friendly, loving, does all sorts of tricks and is horribly missed by his rightful family. Call Erlene directly at 208-308-5801. (L-19)

8/20/2013 - Posted by Brenda: "My Father in law's black lab-Willy- was stolen in Wendell last Saturday out of his truck. If you get any reports of a black lab anywhere in the area will you please contact me, Brenda Wickham @ 208-320-6844. This dog is loved. He's a bigger lab. Thank you." (L-18)

8/18/13 Suzy Guadarrama Chavez wrote:
Hello I have a missing dog her name is Lilly. She was stolen from my yard.  I hope  you could share.  She was last seen Aug 17 around 6:00 pm in the Gooding area. Call 934-4254 for FB info. (L-17)

CLOSED 9/5/13 LOST  Heather Burgen posted. My dog went missing last night 9/4/13 at about 7pm from my home on Shoestring Road. She is an English Pointer and responds to the name Roxy. She is unfortunately not wearing a collar. Please respond to this message if you see her. — with Troy Burgen. No Number given. Contact FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gooding-Dogs-Group/300606879986303  (L-27) UPDATE: 9/6/13 Dog found safe.

CLOSED 9/5/13 James Jenks posted on Gooding Dogs Group on Facebook:
My dog Scruffy went missing in bliss on the night of Sept 1st. he is very friendly, has a black collar. This is a picture of him.  L#28 UPDATE: 9/6/13 He was found deceased. So sorry for your loss.

CLOSED 8/30/13 : "This is a pic of the dog that was found north of Gooding near  1600 N. Call 539-9682 if you know this dog. Possibly a male Jack Russell Terrier wearing a red collar. (F-24) UPDATE: 9/8/13 found dead.

CLOSED  8/23/13 (no photo) "Small black pug missing from Washington street, next to the NVA school. Her name's Heidi and is missing one eye. She's been missing since Friday afternoon.
If anyone finds her please call 208-539-1167.  (L-22)UPDATE:  8/23/13 Found safe.

CLOSED 8/22/13 This is Mabel, lost in Gooding tonight a couple blocks North of Maverick....last seen running East of the canal but heading South towards Highway 26. Her only distinguishing feature is that she has a half tail. She's wearing a rainbow colored collar with Twin Falls tags. Call me at 280-0653 if you spot her......thanks to all you good people out there in advance! UPDATE: 8/23/13 Found safe.  (L-15)

CLOSED 8/18/13 " this dogs missing in Gooding his name is Rosco he is owned by Harvey Mann of Gooding could you please post the photo? Thank you" Harvey's phone is 208-749-1188. UPDATE: 8/20/13 Roscoe is home safe. (L-16)

CLOSED 8/15/13 I live 6 miles north of Shoshone and my Shih-Tzu/Schnauzer 2 year old male has gone missing. I was told I could message you and you may post him for me so I can get the word out and hopefully get him home safe. Any help would be appreciated. Message me on FB Kale Black. UPDATE:  8/15/13 Dog is deceased. Our condolences. (L-15a)

CLOSED 8/12/13 Found: female pug (looks purebred) she's had puppies. She's well fed and well behaved, so somebody surely is looking for her. She was found in the Gooding hospital parking lot - jumped into a car. Call 208-934-4254 to claim. UPDATE: 8/17/13 Adopted. (F-23)

CLOSED 8/7/13
Found a little dog on 3rd and main looks like a Chihuahua.  If it belongs to you please call 420 0265
UPDATE: 8/10/13 Adopted.

CLOSED 8/6/13 Brenda Sue Young posted this on the timeline:
"female blk lab found N W of Gooding, about 3- 4 months old please call 358-0402. The photo is quite blurry, but the dog appears to be wearing a lavender collar. UPDATE: 8/8/13 Adopted. (F-25)

CLOSED 7/31/13 Hey Gooding folks!! Wick's dog jumped out of the pick up about an hour ago on 1500 E 2100 S. She has a collar and her name is Sadee. Please call if you see her!! He is devistated!! 358-1260 or Beau 358-1259 UPDATE: 8/1/13 FOUND! (L-14)

CLOSED 7/24/13 - Kristen Squires of Gooding wrote the following "Could you please call me I have a male dog at my house the was just here I have dogs but no room 731-6730."
I think what she means is that the dog just showed up in her yard and she is looking for it's owner. UPDATE: 7/24/13 Owner claimed.

7/22/13 FOUND in Wendell 7/18 - small white Chihuahua wearing a pink collar (sitting on a pink pillow in this photo) . If it belongs to a neighbor who is not online, please let me know so they can get their dog back. Call Tricia at 206-679-6388

Merri Bodenhofer just wrote:"My dog Meesha, a black miniature schnauzer has been missing since 7/9. She was in our yard at 11 in the morning, but was gone when I got home from work. We live not far from the Silver Bridge. Please let Gem Vet Clinic know if you see her." (That phone number is 208-934-4254). Gooding, Idaho.

CLOSED 7/11/13From Alan S Wilding:
My dog either ran off or was taken from my house this morning. She is a black schnauzer/scottish terrier mix. Her name is Peace. Please keep an eye out, Gooding friends. I'm now driving around town trying to find her. If you find her, bring her to my dad's house: 529 9th Avenue, West. Thanks! UPDATE: 7/12/13  Dog found safe.

7/9/13 Zach Sabala wrote today
"Attached is a picture of my brindle 5 yr old Bullmastiff, Tank. He has been missing since Friday from north of Gooding 2 miles. My name is Zach my phone is 358- 0770 if you could put the word out I sure would appreciate it. Thank you." Contact him directly with info on this dog, thanks.  UPDATE: 7/26/13  Tank has been found and is safe at home, though very skinny.

CLOSED 7/8/13 Linda Gorrel Bay writes:"My little Lhasa apso/shitzu mix went missing Sat the 6th of July south West of Wendell. Could u please share. He is male tan and blonde short hair no collar real friendly. His pic on your page was posted last June, I posted it on my fb page. thank you 536-2531 329-9473. His name is Buster. UPDATE: 7/13/13 Glad to report Buster found his way home and is safe again.

CLOSED 7/8/13
MISSING: Yellow lab (almost white) female missing from 3rd Ave East in Gooding since Friday July 5. Please call 308-8699 if anyone has seen her. She is missed very much. UPDATE:  7/11/13 Showed up at the pound today who immediately notified owner.

7/7/13 This little light brown dog was running like a bat-out-of-hell headed north on hwy 46 just outside Gooding. Well mannered, calm, loves to sit in lap. Could be chihuahua/terrier mix? No collar.
Call us at 320-3848 or 732-5557. If you intentionally turned him loose, just let us know. No questions asked. This is a courtesy posting from Craigs List

7/6/2013 -
Marcia Freestone wrote today:
A female corgi found north of
Richfield. We took her in and will keep her if we can't find out who she belongs to. Please call with a description if you think she is yours. 308-4986

Matt Lindsay Ingram writes 7/6/13: " We found a large Chesapeake Retriever in Hill City today. If you are familiar with hill city, you know its kinda out there, we couldnt leave the dog there - took the dog home back to Picabo. Sweet dog! Please let us know if you know this dog!!" Ingram's did not leave a phone number, contact them through Facebook.

Vanessa Ann Luna wrote this: "My dogs went missing on the fourth of July in Wendell..2 year old female black lab rotti and 2 border collie pups black and white one male one female I have pics up on my page if you could please share...there's a reward for them". There's no contact information, just see her Facebook page.

CLOSED 7/4/13 Our dog Solo jumped out of the yard tonight. She is an English Springer, Blue Tick cross. She doesn't have a collar because my other pup chews it off. If you happen to see her, please let me know (April 934-4220). Thank you. I really don't want to tell my missionary his dog ran away. UPDATE:  7/5/13 Found safe.

CLOSED FOUND DOG July 4th 9pm - a male yellow lab, chunky, mature with a grey-ish collar is wandering on Washington St. behind the North Valley Academy school. The family does not have a fenced yard and won't hold this dog, so if you are missing your dog check out that neighborhood ASAP UPDATE: 7/5/13 Back home safe.

CLOSED 7/4/13 Yellow Lab, Male named Moose, approx. 18 mos. old lost north east of Gooding near 1350 S. last night. Collar, but no tags. Please call 208-934-4254 if you've seen this dog. UPDATE:  7/4/13 Dog found and back home safe.

CLOSED 6/21/13 FOUND DOG - found last night (6/20) in front of the Laundromat on Main street in Gooding Idaho, a Lhaso Apso/Shih-Tzu wearing a silver collar, no tags.  Call 934-4254 to claim. UPDATE:  6/26/13 Owner claimed.

CLOSED 6/17/13 Brown chihuahua, blue collar found on Main St. in Gooding. Please call 208-934-4254 to claim. UPDATE: 6/17/12 Owner claimed.

6/12/13 Missing dogs in Fairfield - Jennifer just posted:My dogs went missing from my yard Saturday morning, June 8th. One is a 13 year old male Australian Shepherd/Collie mix, reddish/brown and white wearing a blue collar, named Jack. The other is a Black German Shepherd, female, 4 years old wearing a brown leather collar, named Ruger. Both are spayed/neutered and the
German shepherd is not people friendly. (she has never bitten anyone but is un-trusting of strangers). Call 208-934-4254 with info.UPDATE: 6/17/13 German Shepherd has returned home, but the other dog is still missing.

CLOSED 6/12/13 gone missing this afternoon, Brute a red/bronze male lab in Hagerman area. Call 208-934-4254 with info.UPDATE:  6/14/13 FOUND!

CLOSED 6/12/13 FOUND- female one mile west of Gooding out 14th St. She's been seen in the area since Friday or Saturday. If she's yours, please call ASAP 208-934-4254. UPDATE: 6/13/13 Transferred to a Border Collie shelter..

CLOSED FOUND 6/10/13 Yellow male Lab in Hagerman. Call 934-4254 UPDATE:  6/11/13 Reunited with owners.

CLOSED June 3, 2013- Hayley DeVore writes the following:My old basset hound and 6 month old mastiff boxer are missing in Gooding. Was out of town and they are gone. Please call 208 358 5410 asap if you find them. Basset hound is Emma, mastiff is Bruiser." That's Gooding Idaho. UPDATE: 6/5/13 FOUND!

CLOSED: LOST 5/31/13  Male pit bull, lost in Gooding Idaho. His tail is docked and he is wearing a red collar, with the name Bruster Wilson on it. He is vaccinated and neutered. Contact Casey Wilson on Facebook or GDG at 934-4254. UPDATE: 5/31/13  Unfortunately Bruster has succumbed to an auto accident. Our condolences to the owners.

5/15/13 FOUND DOGS 1 year old intact male, 2-3 year old female, no collars, found on Idaho street in Wendell (running through traffic). Both look like black labs - contact 934-4254.

5/15/13 LOST - four month old black lab/boxer cross (those always look like pit bull crosses). Female, very timid, she is vaccinated and crate trained and house broken. Call 934-4254 if you've spotted her in the Gooding Idaho area.

5/13/13 LOST This is Kelly a 20 year old senior wire haired terrier. Wearing a red collar no ID. He is partially blind and tilts his head to see better. He was lost on May 12, 2013 at 2835 S, 1800 E Wendell, Idaho. Please watch for him to get him back to his very worried parents. Please call with any info: 536-5161 or Kayla (208) 961-0489.

FOUND - 4/20/13 FOUND - white chihuahua with tan markings. No photo, no further details. Call Nicole at 316-4264.

LOST 4/13/13 - female pomeranian lost in the city of Gooding. She has a white body with a brown head and brown patch on her back. She lives in Wendell but was visiting in Gooding when she escaped. She doesn't know where she lives or how to get there. If she is in somebody's house, rescued as a stray, thank you for helping her, but her family really wants her back. She has a very sad family that is looking for her.  Call 934-4254.

CLOSED  LOST 4/14 - Remi, a charcoal mini-schnauzer lost in the Oster Lake area of Hagerman. Update: Returned to owner 4/15.

CLOSED FOUND 4/9/13 - intact male small breed terrier, champagne colored. UPDATE: 4/13 - owner claimed.

CLOSED FOUND 3/30 showed up in a barn northeast of Gooding, 6 week old pit mix  puppy female, black collar with white bones. UPDATE: owner claimed (Vanilla)

  CLOSED: FOUND 3/27/13 golden brown 25 pound pup, large breed, gentle and wells socialized found on 4th and Main St. in Gooding Idaho. lime green collar. Update; owner claimed. 

3/13/2013 Lost on 3/8 near the 1700 South Road in Gooding County, Idaho. This little chihuahua is a full grown male wearing a blue collar with tags, answers to "Max". Call 934-4254 with info.

CLOSED: FOUND Feb 26 - male uncut husky with blue eyes, male neutered brindled dauschund found on Shoestring Road near 1600. These dogs were loaded in a car and driven around the neighborhood - nobody claimed them. The dogs were put in a fenced area but in the night they dug out and escaped. Their wherabouts are unknown at this time. If you have info, call 934-4254. We all are hoping they have found their way home. UPDATE: the husky returned on his own. 

2/12/13 LOST a male terrier, 8 Mos. old ,brown with white markings, lost on Feb 4th in the vicinity of 21st Street in Gooding. Call 934-4254 if you've seen him. This is a little dog, his mixed breeds are min-pin, boston terrier etc.

CLOSED 3/18 Lost female Yorkie in Hagerman wearing a pink collar in the vicinity of Main St. Call 934-4254. Yorkie was found 3/18 (not reported until 3/22) and returned to owner. 

Feb 12,012 Lost south of Wendell Idaho, St Bernard male 125 pounds answers to Deegan. His family misses him terribly. Call 934-4254 if you've seen him.

CLOSED: LOST - 3/25/13 a 10 month old border collie north of Gooding- no tail. Call 934-4254. No photo available. Update: found and returned to owners. 3/26.

CLOSED 3/14/13 - FOUND - a small long haired dog in the vicinity of Mountain View Estates in Gooding Idaho.  UPDATE - owners located and the dog was returned home 12 hours later.

2/14/13 Just reported missing - large black and brown German shepherd male gone missing in Gooding Idaho. No further details, call me if you've seen him running loose. 934-4254

CLOSED: 1/22/13 FOUND  3 LEG GERMAN SHEPHERD BY THE CHINA WALL NEAR GLENNS FERRY IF THIS IS YOUR DOG PLEASE CALL ME AT 599-3759  UPDATE: she was not owner claimed, but was adopted by a Glenns Ferry couple and is reported to have a very nice home now.

LOST 12/31/12 This is a photo of Babe, the lost chocolate lab who went missing on Dec. 22nd on the Bob Barton Highway south of Wendell Idaho. She's about 5 years old, has a white on her muzzle and is very much loved and missed. Call 934-4254.

12/29/12 LOST DOG - Tuffy an adult neutered male mini-schnauzer went missing at the Twin Falls park boat ramp area on the day after Christmas. His people are frantic to get him back. Call 934-4254

12/20/12 LOST  near 2100 E near Gooding Idaho - black and white schnauzer female, 3 years old, answers to Shasta. Lost on Dec. 18th- two days ago. Call 961-8272 if you've seen her. Update: still missing as of March 1, 2013.

12/18/12 LOST near Bliss - 85 pound golden retriever/lab mix male. Went missing on Thursday Dec 13th. He about 2 years old and was wearing a blue and orange collar. Call 934-4254.

11/27/12 LOST this morning in Hagerman. She is a red Chihuahua Min Pin mix not fixed three years old her name is Mya. Mya is very afraid of people and skittish:( My neighbor just got her last night and she slipped out the door. Mya belongs to a two year old little boy. If anyone is in the Hagerman area please contact Cynthia at 208-421-8272. Mya has on a little blue kitty collar but no tags. UPDATE: 11/30/12 Mya is still in the area and has been spotted several times but is EXTREMELY shy and has evaded her pursuers. Approach quietly and slowly as she is quick. Call the number listed here if you spot her. UPDATE: Mya has gone feral and several rescuers in Hagerman have attempted on a long-term basis to help her, but to no avail. As of 3/15/12 Maya is still out roaming and very leery of humans.

Nov. 6, 2012- LOST DOG - Sarah reports that her 3 year old male neutered pug went missing around August and her attempts to find him have failed. When she saw our pug, she was hoping it was her "Spud". But no, her Spud went missing about ten miles east of Fairfield and someone on Highway 20, the route from Sun Valley and Boise, may have picked him up as he was off snooping with his buddy dog. The buddy went home without Spud. Call 934-4254 if someone you know is thrilled to have found a pug trotting down the highway.

9/25/12 - FOUND on Shoestring Rd. Southwest of Gooding, Idaho, a female adult German Shorthair (bird dog). If not owner claimed, Troy will keep her. Call Troy at 208-316-6003.

LOST July 2, 2012 from Wendell Idaho. Her collar was found on the front porch, but not dog. Call 420-9296 with any information. Bella is loved and her people want to know that she is alright. 

4/27/12 LOST in Gooding Idaho, Chubbs a chocolate lab, male wearing a camo collar with BSU tags. The family is desperately trying to find him. He went MIA about April 19th and there is a cash reward for his return. Call 358-0243 or 539-9682 or contact Gooding Dogs Group at 934-4254.

CLOSED :FOUND PUPPY - 3/5/2013 - found in the vicinity of the Wendell Idaho cemetery, this is a very young male, less than ten pounds, was picked on a busy road by a Wendell family. Call 934-4254 to claim or to adopt.  UPDATE: owner claimed.

CLOSED 2/16/13 FOUND DOG - west of Wendell cemetery about two weeks ago, one female shepherd (maybe Aussie mix). Not sure how big she is, but she is safe now in a house. They report that she is a sweetheart, completely housebroken, good with kids, cats and other dogs. No info on how big she is - she looks little in the photo. Call 934-4254 if she's yours or you have a place in your heart and home for her. UPDATE: 2/16/13 Correction possible pregnant chihuahua mix. Being transferred to a Nampa foster home while she is gestating.Update: Feb.29th she delivered four puppies. See their photos on Facebook Rocky's Rescue.

CLOSED: LOST - 6/1/12 Fuzzy a young female lost south of Gooding Idaho. Call 934-4254 if you've seen friendly Fuzzy. Fuzzy was found less than a mile from home and returned.

4/26/12 FOUND  red lab mix, adult male neutered. Just showed up on 2nde avenue east in Gooding Idaho. Very friendly, very loving - he has had a good home somewhere. To claim him, Call marvin 539-5375

4/5/12 - LOST "Sadie", a big white long haired shepherd mix, lost north of Shoshone. Call 934-4254. There is a cash reward for her. 

FOUND - 3/6/12 black female lab, young. Seems to love women, and is leash trained and knows sit, stay, come. Call 934-4254 or email readyreedy1@gmail.com. no photo yet 

-3/3/12 LOST near Shoshone - 4 year old black lab male neutered, wearing a studded collar. Answers to Buster. Peeps are frantic to get him back. Call 934-4254, email readyreedy1@gmail.com.

FOUND: 2/21/12 Black lab, young  female running loose near Zeppe's Pizza in Gooding Idaho. No collar, not turned into pound, has a temp. home by citizen. This dog is afraid of cats. Call 934-4254    no photo available.

LOST DOG: red and white border collie, answers to Copper. Male 5 years old, has double dew claws on back legs. Contact 934-4254 or email readyreedy1@gmail.com

LOST DOGS : 02/04/2012 - Mert and Major. Mert is a fluffy yellow big dog with turquoise collar and red bandana. Major is a German shorthair, big friendly wearing a bright green collar. Contact 934-4254 or email readyreedy1@gmail.com,

LOST DOGin Wendell Jan 9, 2012 black lab 1 yr old with blue collar. Answers to Tank. Call 934-4254 if you have info.

LOST DOG :Seen on post office community board 1/11/12: "Please help me find my dog" and a crayon drawing of a yellow dog with a collar. It's a female yellow lab named Brandy lost in the city of Gooding. If you have this dog or have seen this dog, please make this child happy. Contact  934-4254 leave message or email readyreedy1@gmail.com 

LOST: "Buddy" friendly, short legged Corgi type dog, short haired, carmel brown. Lost in October 2011 and owners fear they will never get their Buddy back. If you know this dog, email readyreedy1@gmail.com.


CLOSED 8/3/12 - LOST Tinker an 8 year old chihuahua, lost on Pine St. on the west side of Gooding Idaho. She's just a little girl, no collar no id. Call Bradley, 421-3998. This phone number is no longer valid.

CLOSED: FOUND 1/15/13 - A stray border collie shepherd mix has taken up residence northeast of Gooding. The family prefers not to involve the pound (good for them!) so they are hoping this dog will be owner claimed or adopted soon - they already have four dogs. Here's a description and photo: Male adult gentle nature, calm and good with other dogs and animals. Not sure if he's been neutered. If you recognize him, please call 934-4254. UPDATE: 1/18/13 Adopted locally.

CLOSED 1/1/13 FOUND A 2 year old male collie has been found on the 1400 road north of Gooding Idaho. If he's yours, call me at 934-4254. UPDATE:  1/11/13 Owner not found, adopted locally.

CLOSED 1/3/13 FOUND N. of Shoshone, possible Wheaton mix, well socialized. If yours, please call 934-4254 UPDATE: 1/5/13 Transferred to foster family.

CLOSED 1/3/13 FOUND N. of Shoshone, medium, black female mix, well socialized running together with dog listed below. If they are yours, please call 934-4254. UPDATE: 1/5/13 Transferred to foster family.

Found black dog outside Gooding Idaho on road. Animal seemed distressed so it was picked up. Black with grey face, and California licenses ( Poulsbo Marina Vet Clinic). Recent incision on side. If this is your dog please call 1-208-570-2053 or 1-208-595-1791 UPDATE: 12/24/12 Owner's found.

CLOSED 12/15/12 FOUND one mile east of Gooding Idaho on the highway to Shoshone, black and white border collie, young adult male uncut. A nice dog who just wandered in and has stayed. He needs to find his people or a permanent home. Call Brooke at 539-9318. UPDATE: 12/16/12 Adopted.

CLOSED 12/9/12 FOUND north of Shoshone on Highway 75, a brown and white border collie female. She is safe but not in a long term home. To claim her, call 934-4254. If not claimed soon, she will be available for adoption. This nice dog is not in the pound. UPDATE: 12/19/12 Adopted!

CLOSED 12/15/12 FOUND north of Shoshone in the desert, three male black and white puppies approx 2-3 months old, possibly Australian Shep/Lab cross.If you can give a puppy a home, please call Robin at 358-0593 or 934-4254. UPDATE: 12/22/12 Robin, who found three puppies dumped in the desert north of Shoshone Idaho, had some trouble with two of her adoptive families leaving her with two male pups that need homes (the female was successfully placed). If you are interested in a 2-3 month old black and white border collie/aust.shepherd mix, call Robin 358-0593 UPDATE 12/22/12 Transferred to a shelter in Utah.

CLOSED 12/1/12 LOST last night from Nevada St. in Gooding Idaho two airedales, adult male and female. Rusty is light brown and black and Lucy is dark red and black. Call Becca at 208-749-2939 UPDATE:  12/9/12 Returned to their home.

CLOSED 11/23/12  LOST:  Today - Friday after Thanksgiving - small black chihuahua missing in Gooding Idaho. Lost near Cook's grocery store, male answers to Snickers. He's wearing a sweater with a harness underneath. Call 934-4254 if you've seen him. UPDATE: 11/24/12 We're sorry to report that little Snickers succumbed to an auto accident. Our sincere condolences to the owners.

CLOSED 11/1/12 LOST northwest of Jerome on last Sunday a male stud bulldog with unusual markings, a white head and brindled body. Answers to the name "Tugg". There is a reward offered. Call Marti at 208-948-5997. UPDATE: 11/6/12  Tugg has been returned to his owners.

CLOSED 11/1/12-FOUND in Gooding Idaho at Ridleys, a small female shih tzu blonde in color, very well behaved. Call Joedi at 731-7928. The dog is safe, but Joedi hopes the owner will claim her.
UPDATE:  11/6/12  Returned to owners.

CLOSED:Found Oct 16th- wandered into yard 1/2 mile north of Hagerman & has not left--sweet, loving, Timid, female Lab mix--about 1 yr. old, 20 lbs. Looking for loving home, can not keep, good with children, ignores the cat--very trainable-- knows sit, stay, no,-- so sweet willing to pay for shots and spaying to acquire good home 208-837-4875 Bret and Kathy McKenzie 18011A US Hwy 30 Hagerman.   Or call Gooding Dogs Group at 934-4254. McKenzie's found a local home for "Pup".

CLOSED Oct. 14th:  "I lost a black and white 6 month old baby American blue nose pitbull...he went missing from our home on 1400 w near Shu-Fly arena on Wednesday, October 10th 2012, he is missed very much, he answers to Broozer, no collar and has a ringworm spot on his back hind legs...if anyone has seen or heard of someone that found him please contact me 208-539-5077 there is a cash reward is he is found or anyone has seen him." UPDATE: 1/5/13 Returned to owner.

CLOSED Oct. 15th, evening - just reported: "This is Heather Mae, she escaped a back yard in Gooding Friday night, shepherd mix. Posting for a friend, Thanks Sarah" If you have seen this black dog, call 934-4254.
10/18/12 Returned to owner.

CLOSED: LOST - Daisy, a two year old schnauzer mix went MIA on Feb. 24th near 1800 West and 14th Street, Gooding Idaho. Her peeps are frantic to get her back. Call 934-4254 or email me at readyreedy1@gmailcom. Update: 10/18/12 Found and returned to owner after 8 MOS!

CLOSED 7/20/12 Found in store parking lot in Twin Falls Idaho, uncut male Cairn terrier, champagne in color, has double dew claws in the back. UPDATE: adopted by Gooding family 7/25/12. Contact info: Gooding Dogs Group: 934-4254 

CLOSED FOUND 7/11/12  male border collie, very friendly, wandered into Magic Floral on 21st Ave in Gooding. Call 934-4254 to claim him.  Update: Adopted locally!

CLOSED Lost July 3rd in the vicinity of charter school in Gooding Idaho. Dopey is a female border collie lab cross. Call 934-4254 if you find her. Found and returned 7/6/12

CLOSED Lost July 4th, at the Ballard Dairy east of Gooding Idaho, a yellow lab. Call Stacie at 934-4972. No photo available, no further description of dog.  FOUND and returned 7/7/12

CLOSED:4/30/12 LOST between Gooding and Wendell along the highway. Annie is a three-year old Boston terrier, no collar, no tags.. There is a better photo on Facebook. Update: found 5/2/12

CLOSED 4/23/12 Found this week in the city of Gooding, male intact chihuahua, no coll. This well mannered little guy is very calm, housebroken, weighs less than ten pounds and has super pointy ears and nose. He would like to go to his home, but if nobody claims him then he can go to a new home. Update: Owner claimed 4/24/12

CLOSED Lost - 4/3/12  Two six month old heeler mix puppies lost along the 1800 road northwest of Gooding. May be running with their friend,the German shepherd mix (photo below). Call 421-1259. No longer actively looking.

CLOSED -LOST 4/3/12 lost near the 1800 Road northwest of Gooding Idaho. A male neutered German shepherd mix, may be running with two puppies, pictured above. Call 421-1259 No longer actively looking,

CLOSED 3/21/12 found male border collie mi blk/wht/brwn intact male wearing a leather collar with metal decorations. Found on Highway 46 near Shoestring Road between Wendell and Gooding. Call 934-4254 t claim. Update - taken to Twin Falls Shelter where he was quickly adopted.


CLOSED - Found, Feb 8, 2012 near 5th and Wyoming in Gooding Idaho tiny brown and white chihuahua, intact male has blue collar but no tags.Call 934-4254 to claim.  OWNER CLAIMED.

CLOSED LOST DOGS - near Shoestring Road in Gooding ID on Feb 4, 2012 female basset hound with pink zebra collar, female chocolate lab with camo collar. They answer to Roxy and Lola. STATUS UPDATE: Owner Claimed!

CLOSED - FOUND -in Gooding on 4th and Oregon streets a little brown terrier, well socialized and looking for it's home. Call 934-4254 and leave message. STATUS CLOSED owner claimed.

CLOSED - FOUND: in Gooding area near the end of December 2011, approx 60 lbs short-haired reddish female with a red web collar, no tags. Well socialized, friendly, and very vocal. She's looking for her people. To claim call 934-4254 and leave message. See better photo on Facebook Gooding Dogs Group. UPDATE: Rancher reported 1/26/12 that this dog has disappeared from the ranch, no information about it's whereabouts available.UPDATE - a Hagerman woman took this dog to  Idaho Humane Society in Boise where she was quickly adopted.

CLOSED Found German shepherd, approx. 1 year old  female, well mannered. To claim this dog email readyreedy1@gmail.com  Status: Closed, adopted in Gooding.

To post a dog, send an email to readyreedy1@gmail.com and include photo, description, date found and your contact information (which will be kept confidential),