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We lost our volunteer webmaster in July. If you are reading this and would like to help Gooding Dogs Group maintain this site, please call Nan at 208-934-7686. You do not need to be in the local area, you just need internet access and your own computer.

Click on Gooding Pound Dogs to see photo and description of dogs in the Gooding Idaho pound including all closed cases since we began in Dec. 2011.  We advertise  Lost, Found, Pound and dogs for Re-Home dogs in the Gooding Idaho area.  Also check out our Facebook page, GOODING DOGS GROUP for interactive current pound cases.

 There are many Lost and Found dogs listed on this webpage, click on the tab at the left. Scroll through the photos if you are missing a dog, our records begin January 2012 and are kept up to date. Lost and found dogs may be submitted for advertisement with Gooding Dogs Group by sending a photo and information to readyreedy1@gmail.com, or going to Facebook and posting the photo and description there. Or simply call 208-934-5705 or (831) 869-9742. Be sure to include your contact number, the dog's breed, gender, age, identifying marks, and from where the dog went missing. This webpage can be seen around the world - so be location specific.  Click on the tabs at the left of this page to view all re-home, lost, found and pound dogs. 

If you lose your dog, we will advertise him for free until he is found. We need a digital photo (post it on the Facebook Gooding Dogs Group timeline or email it to readyreedy1@gmail.com). We also highly recommend you also post flyers in public places as many people are NOT online. Places like post offices, grocery stores, senior citizen centers, farm service stores, etc. are likely places. We keep lost dogs on our list here even after they are found, we keep their photos online indefinitely. Lost and Found (click on the tab left).

We are a small group of Gooding citizens who hope to find adoptive homes for the dogs that are deemed suitable for adoption by the veterinarian at the city pound. And we hope to reduce the number of unwanted births through education and a spay and neuter grant program. 

The City of Gooding has already in place the ordinances, enforcement and impound facility. What it lacks is the last step - a place for the unclaimed dogs to go. There is no shelter in Gooding where dogs can have the time to find a forever home.

             YOU CAN HELP!

Adoption - give a forever home to a dog. Remember - Don't Shop - Adopt!  When you pay money to buy a dog, you are encouraging backyard breeders. And where do the inevitable unsold puppies go? 

Help Us - join in our pledge to give impounded dogs in Gooding a chance for a good life. We encourage pet population control by their owners, not our government.  We will be creating a spay and neuter grant program, a bilingual educational program, and be supporting all initiatives to increase the penalties for animal cruelty.

Join US by calling Deb at 934-5705, or Nan at 831-869-9742 evenings and weekends or donate to our  program. Make checks payable to Debra McClain and mail to 619 Elm Circle, Gooding ID 83330. Please mark Memo line with GDG. We have no mailing list and you will not receive further contact from us. But 100% of your donation will be used in Gooding County.

Dogs impounded by the City or County of Gooding are our first priority and for good reason, they have only a 3-5 days window to be placed. However, we provide free advertising for lost or found and re-home dogs as well. All dogs that are currently impounded by the city or county with their date of capture are on this web page, click on the Save Good pound dogs  tab on the left.

Our thanks to Jim Burdette and Bruce Burdette, my cousin and brother respectively, for sponsoring the Gooding Dogs Group webpage.

You may contact us at readyreedy1@gmail.com or 1debmc@gmail.com.

Also check out our shelter connection:http://www.fuzzypawzrescue.com

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